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sale results:

Lot 17 - 56 heifers, guaranteed open

avg. 900, range: 875-975

48 B-BWF, 8 CharX

10 L1, 42 M1, 4 L+M2

Health program: Pyramid 5, Covexin 8, dewormed x 2.

Weaned: yes                    Flesh: 6

Implanted: no                 Clean score: 0

Feed: TMR, 4 lbs. grain - 15-20 lbs. corn silage

Weighing conditions: twelve-mile haul to RLS. FOB RLS.

Heifers will be pregnancy checked morning of take-up, prior to weigh up.

What's coming up?

We have plenty of opportunities coming up to market or purchase cattle for the spring grazing season. 

Every Thursday at 2 p.m. – regular sale for all types of livestock. Always a good availability of fresh feeder cattle and an excellent day to market your baby calves and cull cows.

Second Thursday of every month – State Graded Feeder Sales for steers, heifers and bull calves. One head or one hundred, these sales have a proven track record of getting you top dollar for your cattle.​

Announcements from the auction box at the time of the sale take precedence over any other information regarding this sale.

Thank you.

Mountain Brook Farm (Brian Wenger)

Lot 14 - 62 heifers, guaranteed open

avg. 800, range: 750-850

Total: 49,600                   

54 B-BWF, 1 Red Angus, 7 CharX |

6 L, 52 M1, 4 L+M2

Health: Vision 7/somnus, BoviShield Gold One Shot, Cydectin 60 days ago, weaned, implanted - SynovexH.

Flesh: 5+6             Clean score: 0

Feed: 15 lbs. TMR, free choice wrapped hay

Weighing conditions: ten-mile haul to RLS, off loaded and weighed. FOB RLS. 2% shrink.

Pick-up within ten days of the sale.

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